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recent blog posts

Choosing A Nootropic Stack - 2nd February 2013 - A guide to creating a nootropic stacks, featuing example stacks for cognitive function, stress and even lucid dreaming.

A Quick Guide To Our Nootropics - 2nd January 2013 - A list of our nootropic products with half lifes, dosage information. Intended to provide a brief overview to our products.

Creatine The Nootropic? - 4th September 2012 - Can creatine make you smarter? Presented within is some evidence to suggest creatine plays a role in supporting the brain's energy production.

What Are Nootropics? - 2nd July 2012 - A nootropic is a substance taken to enhance cognition and improve the general health of the brain. The term nootropic was first coined in the 1960's shortly after the discovery of one of the first "man made" nootropic piracetam.

Celadrin and Joint Pain Relief - 20th June 2012 - Celadrin is a blend of fatty acids which has been shown in clinical studies to provide pain relief with those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more in this blog post.

The Many Forms Of Vitamin C - 6th June 2012 - Vitamin C is possibly the most popular supplement consumed worldwide. There are key differences between the different forms of vitamin c available in supplements.

Understanding B12 Supplements - 31st May 2012 - Learn about the key differences between vitamin B12 supplements. Information on the 4 types of vitamin B12 you're likley to come across in supplements.

5-HTP and Sleep - How 5-HTP Can Help - 2nd May 2012 - Information on 5-HTP and how it can promote getting a good nights sleep!

Natural Remedies For Anxiety / Stress? Try Magnesium! - 28th April 2012 - Learn about how mangesium supplements may help with chronic stress and anxiety.

recent news for JG supplements

Ubiquinol Is Back In Stock

Our popular ubiquinol products are back in stock. Ubiquinol is a reduced or "active" form of co enzyme q10 that is present within every cell in our bodies. Ubiquinol plays a key role in energy production and is one of the body's most powerful lipid soluble antioxidants. Ubiquinol plays a crtiical role in protecting cell membranes from oxidative stess, levels decline with age and sharply fall in over 50's. Statin use can also lead to lowered ubiquinol levels.

Astaxanthin : 2 More Products

You'll now find another two astaxanthin products in our Healthy Origins range of products. Astaxanthin is a natural lipid soulble antioxidant that provides potent free radical scavinging activity. Astaxanthin in particular can cross the blood brain barrier and protect the brain from high levels of oxidative stress. Read more about astaxanthin.

Serrapeptase Now Availiable

We've begun to stock serrapeptase supplements. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that is extracted from Japenese Silkworm. Serrapeptase provides anti fibrin (blood clotting) activity and can support a healthy inflammatory response. Serrapeptase has been shown to reduce swelling during post opreative healing. Read more about serrapeptase.

More NattoKinase Products In Stock

We've added 3 more nattokinase products to our growing inventory. Nattokinase is a naturally occuring enzyme extract from the Japanese fermeted food natto. Nattokinase natural anti-clotting support and can help to lower blood pressure. You can learn more about nattokinse by visiting our nattokinase category page.

Stevia From £6.99! - Now Less Than 2p per Serving

Stevia prices have been lowered! Thanks to massive demand beginning with our release of stevia in December we are now able to pass further savings onto our customers and lower our prices for our four stevia products; liquid stevia, stevia sachets, stevia tablets, stevia powder. You can view our entire stevia page here.

Introducing Stevia! The Natural Sweetener

We're very pleased to announce a range of high quality stevia products to our inventory. Stevia is a natural herb that has incredibly an sweet taste, as such stevia (and stevia extract) is used to naturally sweeten beverages reducing or eliminating the need for sugar or artificial sweeteners. Stevia has long been available to purchase in other countries outside of Europe, but only last month became available in the UK and EU to buy and sell.

Massive Sale - 25% Off

We're having a massive sale across our website ending Monday 28/11/2011. Save exactly 25% on any of these products by entering discount code JG25 at the checkout. This huge sale covers some of our best selling products and with such a broad range included we're sure theres something for everyone.

New Product: Liquid Vitamin D3!

Introducing NOW Foods Liquid Vitamin D3!. A highly concentrated liquid form of vitamin D that offers a massive 200,000 IU per bottle. Each high strength bottle has a dropper included to measure out dosages, and provides approx 5000 IU per full dropper load.

Zinc Prices Slashed! - This Week Only

We've slashed the prices of our Zinc Supplements for this week only! Zinc Picolinate has been reduced to just £7.99, Zinc Glycinate to just £6.99 and our Zinc Gluconate now starts at just £3.99! These lowered prices will remain until Friday 04/11/2011!

Featured Product: Glucomannan

Glucomannan is the name for a soluble bulk forming fibre sourced from Konjac root. Glucomannan has many benefits and thanks to its ability to draw water in can help to promote feelings of satiety and fullness.

Glucomannan can assist with digestive regularity, and has been shown to keep serum lipids within normal ranges. We now stock in convenient capsules and pure Glucomannan powder.

Introducing 12 New Products!

We're pleased to announce that 12 fantastic products will be joining our inventory! These include a 1,000 IU Vitamin E supplement and a line of NOW Foods creatine products. Also we've brought in specialist co enzyme B Complex that features "active" forms of the B Vitamins and a fantastic NOW Celadrin product.

Krill Oil Prices Slashed!

We've slashed the prices of our highly discounted NOW Foods Neptune Krill Oil. Both 500mg and 1000mg softgel options have been reduced. We are certain these new prices makes us the most competitive in the UK.

Neptune Krill Oil is the orignal krill product renowned for its high quality extraction methods and is the only clinically proven krill oil on the market today. Neptune Krill Oil offers exceptional levels of EPA/DHA per gram.

top nutritional supplement products


Our best selling probiotic. Featuring lactobascillus GG, Culturelle contains a guaranteed minimum of 10 billion colony forming units (CFU). Available in boxes of 30 capsules.

D Mannose

One of our best selling products, D Mannose is a naturally occuring sugar molecule used to battle and prevent UTIs. Available in powder or capsules.


Neurostim is our best selling nootropic formula that is designed to provide all round cognitive support and keep users on their mental "A" game.

Betaine HCL

A natural way to boost stomach acid and support digestive health. Betaine HCL naturally increases stomach acidity and contains the enzyme pepsin to help digest protein naturally.


The second 'racetam we've recently added to our prouduct range. Oxiracetam is a lesser known powerful nootropic that can support brain function and cognitive processes.


The most powerful racetam that we currently offer. Pramiracetam enhances choline uptake in the brain and is thought to increase acetylcholine turnover. It may also potential glutamate transmission.


Sulbutiamine is a fat soluble form of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) that crosses the blood brain barrier. Reports suggest it can enhance focus and motivation by increasing sensitivity to dopamine in the brain.