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Lysine is an essential amino acid, it cannot be manufactured within the body. We require a daily supply of Lysine to maintain an adequate intake. It plays a key role in collagen formation as one of the three amino acids required to form collagen.

Lysine supplements are frequently recommended to help ward of cold sores (herpes simplex) by improving the lysine:arginine ratio. Lysine supplements are particularly important for vegetarians who may obtain inadequate lysine when relying on protein plant sources alone.

It plays a key role in immunity, and animal studies have demonstrated a lysine deficiency may cause immunodeficiency. Small human studies have shown that diets low in lysine may predispose someone to anxiety and higher cortisol levels, often another reason lysine supplements are recommended.

Lysine supplements tend to be less expensive compared to other amino acids, this is thanks to a relatively simple creation process that allows this amino acid to be manufactured inexpensivly in large quantities. Those looking for the best value for money will find our lysine powder the best deal, as manufacturing tablets and capsules adds further cost to producing a product.

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