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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D (Vitamin D3) is synthesised when the skin is exposed to UV light such as the sun. Due to a large portion of time being spent inside and poor weather conditions (particularly in the UK) most people get inadequate sunlight exposure to make Vitamin D. Many prominent Vitamin D experts now suggest we should look to obtain 2000IU/Day from all sources.

All of the Vitamin D3 we carry is in the correct form and oil softgels. By correct form we mean Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) rather than synthetic vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), Vitamin D3 is what is made in our skin when we are in sunlight and Vitamin D3 is what we recommend to supplement and raise blood levels.

Our Vitamin D supplements are supplied in highly absorbable oil softgels. We also ensure to stock these products as Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, without adequate dietary fat (or an oil base) cholecalciferol wouldn't be absorbed properly from the digestive tract and thus could be ineffective.

Our range varies from 1000 IU softgels all the way up to 10,000 IU and our prices are among the most competitive in Europe, so you can be sure to find something that suits you. We are now pleased to stock Liquid Vitamin D which provides substaintial cost savings on regular softgels and allows for higher doses if required.

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