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Glucomannan, is a natural soluble/bulk forming fibre derived from (and also known as) Konjac root. Glucomannan has been used as a fibre in east Asia for hundreds of years and has only recently become popular in western countries.

Glucomannan is unique in that is has the highest water holding capacity of any natural fibre supplement, as such is can help with feelings of fullness and satiety following eating a meal. Glucomannan can delay stomach emptying time thus helping you feel fuller for longer, as such it's often a great ally during a weight loss program.

We stock Glucomannan in 100% pure powder form and in capsule form. Our prices are among the most competitive in the UK. As it's far easier to manufacture pure powder than encapsulate a product you'll find our glucomannan powder offers the best price per gram; however, our capsules by far offer the greater convenience.

Learn how Glucomannan may aid weight loss and curb hunger in our latest blog post.

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