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Culturelle Probiotic X 30 Caps

Brand: Culturelle
Product Summary:
  • Building a Foundation for Better Core Health
  • With the #1 Clinically Studied Probiotic††
  • Restores the Natural Balance of Good Bacteria in Your Digestive Tract
  • Supports Your Healthy Immune System
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     Product Description

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    What Is Culturelle?

    Culturelle is the brand name for the probiotic. It features a strain of bacteria called Lactobacillus rhamnosus (sometimes referred to as Lactobacillus GG, LGG or L. rhamnosus). 

    Culturelle contains Lactobacillus GG - the most researched probiotic in the world with over 400 clinical studies proving its efficacy. It safely and naturally replaces the bad bacteria in your digestive tract with good bacteria leading to improved core health - healthier digestion and a stronger immune system. This product is dairy and gluten free.

    What makes Culturelle Different?

    When looking for a probiotic there are a few things to consider; will it survive the stomach acid? Will the probiotic adhere to the intestinal wall? When it gets there, will it even have any beneficial effects? Finally is the CFU of the probiotic sufficient to have an effect? The answer to all of these questions is yes with Culturelle.

    What Is CFU?

    CFU stands for colony forming units. It is a measure of the quantity of bacteria within a capsule able to form colonies. The best probiotic formulation in the world with a low CFU count would be insufficient for us to see any real health benefit. It is estimated our own digestive system is home to around 100 trillion or 100,000 billion micro organisms. Culturelle is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 10 billion CFU through till its expiration date and is in fact formulated with 30 billion CFU.

    Is Culturelle superior to yoghurt?

    Most yoghurts contain around 1 or 2 billion CFU, far less than Culturelle. They also don't guarantee the amount at time of consumption (this product can as it is over formulated with 30 billion CFU). Finally most yoghurts don't contain a probiotic strain as hardy or well studied as Culturelle. Consequently many of the CFU consumed can be lost to stomach acid.

    How Much Should I Take?

    1 capsule per day is sufficient to see benefits. Those with particular health conditions/concerns may wish to increase the dosage to address a particular health issue.

    Should I Take Anything Alongside Culturelle?

    For further probiotic support, we recommend NOW GR8 Dophilus - a synergistic blend of 8 probiotic organisms designed to support optimal gut flora. For those looking for a prebiotic (a substance that feeds gut bacteria), we highly recommend our Organic Inulin Powder.

    Please Note: We have been made aware of Culturelle being sold across the internet that has a low expiration date and is close to its best before date. A few customers have sent enquiries regarding expiration date and the freshness of our stock. We'd like to confirm our stock carries an average of 1 year expiry and is very recently manufactured as our turnover for this product is very high.

    Freshness is particularly important for Culturelle owing to the fact it's formulated with 30 billion CFU for a label claim of 10 billion CFU at time of consumption. Probiotics degrade over time. The fresher the stock, the more CFU you will be obtaining, increasing the efficacy of the product.

     We store this product correctly and ensure it's not exposed to excessive heat. Probiotic organisms die rapidly when exposed to high heat rendering a product such as Culturelle ineffective. We obtain this product directly from the USA and opt for fast air freight vs slower sea freight, which increases costs but ensures the product remains under good temperatures for the maximum possible time.


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