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Dr Ohhira 12 Plus Probiotic 60 Caps

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  • World Renowned Probiotic Brand
  • Original 12 Plus Vegan Formula
  • Fermented Over 3 Years - 60 Capsules per Box
  • UK Dr Ohhira Stockist  Product Held in UK for Dispatch.

Special Offer: Buy 2 Boxes Or More For £39.99/Each

Dr Ohhira 12 Plus Probiotics is a 12 lactic acid strain probiotic formula formulated by microbiologist Dr Iichiorh Ohhira.  Dr Ohhira Ph.D is a renowned Japanese microbiologist who has co-authored more than 20 scientific articles on lactic acid bacteria and was honoured for furthering his work on a particular strain of lactic acid bacteria (used in this formula) E faecalis TH10. Working together with researchers from Okayama University this unique product was born.

Using fermentation techniques this probiotic is cultured and fermented over a 3 year process in a natural prebiotic medium consisting of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds. The end result is live lactic acid bacteria in a prebiotic medium encased in a vegan/vegetarian friendly capsule.

The capsule used for this product is designed to be acid resistant to prevent delicate bacteria being damaged by stomach acid. This ensures more beneficial bacteria reaches the colon and where the majority of benefits are felt. A point highlighted by Dr Ohhira is that the product also contains 4 organic acids produced naturally by fermentation, he highlights the importance of a slightly acidic pH in the colon for proper gut health and long term bacterial balance.

There are 12 different strains of probiotic bacteria used in this formula from the lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and enterococcus family. This product doesn't require refrigeration and is stable at room temperature. It's free from articifical preservatives, additives and animal by-products.

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