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Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C is an antioxidant Vitamin that is essential for collagen production within the body. While Vitamin C is usually found in capsule form, we've decided to stock pure Vitamin C powder. The two main benefits are convenience (for large doses) and cost.

For those taking larger doses, Vitamin C powder means that you don't have to swallow a small mountain of tablets/capsules to get your daily dose. It is also far more economical to purchase (gram for gram) than our regular capsules due to the manufacturing cost of encapsulating a product.

Vitamin C powder (in ascorbic acid form) has a mildly tart/tangy taste, similar to the tangy flavour of a lemon or lemon juice. It can be mixed with juices, water and other drinks. We generally don't recommend mixing with hot beverages as the extreme heat can destroy some of the delicate vitamin.

We stock a range of pure powders that offer fantastic cost savings vs capsules. The larger the bottle of powder, generally the greater the economy. All vitamin C powder seen below is in L-Ascorbic Acid form.

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